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        September 2021

Sep 5th      Message​    Jesus Comes to Jerusalem as King, John 12 :12-26


Sep 12th    Message    Jesus Predicts His Death, John 12 :26-50 (to be posted)

        August 2021

Aug 1st      Message​     The Good Shepard & His Sheep, John 10

Aug 8th      Message​     Message by Guest Speaker Major Albert Austin

Aug 15th    Message​    Death & Resurrection of Lazareth, John 11 (Message by Everett)


Aug 22nd   Message​    Mesus Anointed at Bethany,  John 12:1-11

Aug 29th    Message​    Godlessness in the Last Days,  2 Tim 3:11-5, 10-14; Matt 24:9-14; Jer 1:4-9   

        July 2021

Jul 11th     Message​     Defining Disciples & Discipleship

Jul 18th     Message​     Jesus Heals the Blind Man, John 9(Messsage by Scott)

Jul 25th     Message​     Pioneer Bible Translators (PBT),  (Messsage by PBT)

        June 2021

Jun 2nd    Devotional   Systemic Racism

Jun 6th      Message​     Not available due to technical difficulties.

Jun 13th    Message​      Naaman Healed of Leprosy,  2 Kings 5

Jun 14th     Devotional   Satan's Response to Truth, Acts 17

Jun 20th    Message​      Jesus is the Light of the World , John 8:12-30

Jun 27th    Message​      Freedom, John 8:31-59

        May 2021


May 2nd    Message​     Jesus Goes to the Festival of the Tabernacles,  John 7:1-13

May 9th    Message​     Mothers' Day MessageAbigail (1 Sam 25)

May 16th   Message​    No YouTube Video available this week. Sorry for the inconvenience.

May 23rd   Message​    Message

May 30th  Message​    Jesus Teaches at the Festival of  theTabernacles, John 7:14-52

        April 2021


Apr 11th    Message​     Jesus Walks on Water John 6:16-24

Apr 18th    Message​     Jesus is the Bread of Life John 6:25-41


        March 2021

Mar 4th     Devotional   4 Simple Steps to Being an Active Witness

Mar 5th     Devotional   Gospel for Asia Testimonies

Mar 7th     Message​     Four Soils, Pt 1,(includes Kirk's Testimony) Four Soils, Pt 2   Luke 8 & Mark 4

                           (We apologize for the poor sound and video quality due to tech issues. Had to reboot, so Service is in two parts. So sorry.)   


Mar 9th     Devotional   We Are Like Mephibosheth


Mar 10th   Devotional   Equality Act Overview 

Mar 14th   Message​    Testimonies about Jesus, John 5:31-47

Mar 21st    Message​     Living in Joy

Mar 28th    Message​    Worship Message

        February 2021

Feb 1st     Devotional   China's Growing Influence

Feb 1st     Devotional   Censorship


Feb 7th     Message​     The Nobleman's Son Healed, John 4:43

Feb 14th   Message     Bring the Ark of God, 1 Sam 14:18

Feb 21st   Message​      Jesus Heals Man at the Pool on the Sabbath, John 5:1-15

Feb 28th   Message​     The Authority of the Son, John 5:16-30

        January 2021    

Jan 3rd     Message​      Message on Gideon, Judges 6-7:22

Jan 10th   Message​      Jesus Teaches Nikodemus,  John 3:22-36

Jan 13th   Devotional    The Timeline of Christian Persecution in US: PT 1

Jan 13th   Devotional    The Timeline of Christian Persecution in US: PT 2

Jan 17th   Message​      The Samaritan Woman at the Well (Part 1), John  4:1-26,

Jan 18th   Devotional    Does Trump have the Worst Character?  Matt 21:28-32

Jan 19th   Devotional    A Response to Hatred, Suffering and Evil

Jan 20th   Devotional    Who is Right?

Jan 24th   Message​      The Samaritan Woman at the Well (continued), John 4:27-41

Jan 31st   Message​      Run the Race, Phillipians ​3:7-21