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Jun 25th      Mike P's Thank You Letter to God
Aug 6th       David E's Testimony
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       Jan 2023

Jan 1st        Message​    Useful to the Master

Jan 8th        Message​     Be Proactive in Your Thinking


Jan 15th      Message​     No video available due to technical issues.  So sorry. 


Jan 22nd     Message​    Why Church Membership is Important!

Jan 29th      Message​    Due to Pastor Walker's laryngitis, we watched an excerpt from the following video 

                                      "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage" by Mark Gungor (this is a link to the entire video)

       Feb 2023


Feb 5th       Message​    I willl be With You and Bless You

Feb 12th     Message​    Be Fishers of Men, Part 1

Feb 19th     Message​    Be Fishers of Men, Part 2, 2 Cor 5, Acts 17

Feb 26th     Message​    5 Characteristics of Biblical Revival, 2 Kings 22&23



          Mar 2023


Mar 5th       Message​    Empowered for Mission, Exodus 35

Mar 12th     Message​    Grafted In, Romans 11

Mar 19th     Message​    Enemy of State: Christianity and Collapse of America,  

Mar 26th     Message​    Co-Heirs with Christ, Gal 4:1-7, Matt 19:28-29

          Apr 2023

Apr 2nd       Message​    Three Reminders for the Upcoming Journey

Apr 9th        Message​    Christ, Our Passover Lamb, Exodus 12:1-12, 21-28

Apr 16th      Message​    Israel's Yearly Calendar, Leviicus 23 &  25

Apr 23rd      Message​    Worship Service was held at the Walker home, so no video available. Sorry

Apr 30th      Message​    5 Steps for Building Wealth, Matt 6,6 Deu 28, Prov  21 & 22, Gen 13 

     May 2023

May 14th     Message​    Parable of the Sower, Mark 4, et. al. Message by Dewy Wetherby

May 14th     Message​    Mothers' Day Panel, Led by Kristyn Walker

May 21st     Message​     Message not available due to tech issues

May 28th     Message​    Message not available due to tech issues

     Jun 2023

Jun 4th       Message​    Wedding of the King, Ps 45

Jun 11th     Message​    The Power of Blessing

Jun 18th     Message​    The Importance of Integrity, (Audio only, no video)

Jun 25th     Message​    The Wheat and the Weeds


     Jul 2023

Jul 2nd        Message​   What is Your Passion?  Matt 13:24-30, 36-39 & John 13:21-30

Jul 9th         Message​    I Have Loved You, Malachi Pt 1 

Jul 16th       Message​    Are We Offering God Our Best? Malachi, Pt 2

Jul 23rd       Message​   The Qualities of a Godly Spiritual Leader, Malachi, Pt 3

Jul 30th       Message    Marital Unfaithfulness, Malachi, Pt 4

     Aug 2023

Aug 6th       Message    The Day of His Coming, Malachi, Pt 5

Aug 13th     Message    Withholding Tithes, Malach Pt 4 Pt 6

Aug 20th     Message    Why do Evildoers Prosper?, Malachi, Pt 7, Mal 3-13-15, Ps 73


Aug 27th     Message    A Distinction is MadeMalachi, Pt 8, Mal 3-16-18, EZ 9:1-6, Rev 7 & 9

     Sep 2023

Sep 3rd       Message    A Distinction is Made, Malachi Pt 9, Mal 4:1-3, 2 Pet 3, Phil 3-20-21, Rev 21:1-8

Sep 10th     Message    Faith in God's Plan & Timing, Message by Kirk Castellanos, Ps 118:4, Prov 16:9, et al

Sep 17th     Message    Lessons Learned from the Death of a Loved One, John 10:10, Isa 61:1-5, et al.

Sep 24th     Message    Historical Biblical Lesson, by Dewy Wetherby, various scripture from the Old Testament

    Oct 2023

Oct 1st       Message    What Must I Do to be Saved? by Scott Kleinecht, various scripture

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