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       Nov 2022


Nov 6t      Message​    Giants, Part 3 - Caleb

Nov 13th     Message​   Giants, Part 4 - Giants in the Land, Deu 2 & 3


Nov 20th     Message​   God's Providence, Gen 24:1-61, Isa 48:7, Prov 2:7

Nov 27th     Message​   Giants, Part 5, In the Time of Abraham, Gen 14-15


     Oct 2022


Oct 2nd       Message​    What Does the Bible Say About Headcoverings? (AUDIO only)


Oct 9th        Message​    Saul Experiences a Radical Conversion, Acts 9

                    Testimony  Mike's Testimony

                            Mike's Baptism


Oct 16th      Devotional  Psalms Overview

                    Message​    Ie, Luke 24:26-27

Oct 23rd      Message​    I, 1 Sam 17

Oct 30th      Message​    Giants, Part 2 - David's Might Men


       Sep 2022


Sep 4th       Message​    Did not record, sorry for the inconvenience

Sep 11th     Message​    Divine Providence

Sep 18th     Message​    Biblical Interpretation & Application

Sep 25th     Message​    New Testiment Genres and Letter of 2 John

       Aug 2022

Aug 7th      Testimony   Charity from Morocco   

                  Message​     Greater Foregiveness, Greater Love,  Matt 22:34-39, et al

Aug 14th     Message​    Love God, Love Others, God's Ultimate Desire, Matt 22:34-39


Aug 21st     Message​    The History of the Engllish Bible

Aug 28th     Message​    How Did We Get the Bible?  

     July 2022

Jul 3rd        Message​     More Spirit, Less Flesh, Luke 9:23,

Jul 10th      Message​     Annointing of the Holy Spirit, Acts 10:38

                   Testimony   Tim & Tania's Testimony

Jul 17th      Message​     Power Struggle, Acts 13:4

                   Testimony    Mike Puleio's Testimony 

Jul 24th      Message​     Message

Jul 31st      Message​     Demonic Influences, 1 Sam 16, et al    


       June 2022

Jun 5th      Testimony   Jennifer's Testimony

                  Message​     Festival of Pentecost, Acts 1:1-24; 2:1-5, 37-41

Jun 12th     Message​     According to Your Faith, Matt 9:18-26; 27-31; Mark 5:21-24

Jun 19th     Message​    Fathers' Day Message, Eph 6:4, Heb 12:4-13, 2 Tim 3:16, Ps 78:70-72

Jun 26th     Message​     Prayer that Receives an Answer, 1 John 5:15-15, et al

       May 2022

May 1st      Message​     Message by Missionaries, Dewy & Carolyn Wetherby of Global Avenues Ministries

May 8th     Message​     Mothers' Day Message by Kristyn Walker, Proverbs 31 10-31

May 15th    Message​     David's Testimony & Pastor's Message Pro-LIfe vs Pro-Choice

May 22nd   Testimony   Chip's Testimony

                   Devotional   Pastor's Devotional on Hope

                   Message​     Pro-LIfe vs Pro-Choice, Part II

May 29th    Testimony    Linda's Testimony

                   Message​     A Memorial for Life, Joshua 3 & 4

       April 2022

Apr 3rd       Message​    Jesus is Led to the Cross, John 19:17-27

Apr 10th     Message​    Death and Burial of Jesus, John 19:28-42 

Apr 17th     Message​    The Resurrection was a Defining Moment, John 20, Matt 28 

Apr 24th     Message​    What Would Jesus Do?  John 17:6, 20:21

      March 2022

Mar 6th      Message​     Biblical Marriage, Genesis 2:24

Mar 13th    Message​     Message, John 18:1-14

Mar 20t   Message​     Jesus is Betrayed and Arrested, John 18:15-27

Mar 27t   Message​     Jesus Before Pilate, John 18: 28-19:15

      February 2022

Feb 6th      Message​     Jacob Prepares to Meet Esau, Genesis 32    

Feb 13th    Message​     The Five Languages of Love, Eph 5

Feb 20th    Message​     What Do We Learn About the Father & Jesus, John 17 Part I

Feb 27th    Message​     Jesus Prays with the Disciples, John 17, Part II (by Scott Kleinknecht)


      January 2022

Jan 2nd      Message​    No Video Available (sorry for the inconvenience)

Jan 9th       Message​    Video Not Available due to tech issues. (sorry for the inconvenience)

Jan 16th     Message​    What Does God Promise to Reward?, Matt 6:16-18

Jan 23rd     Message​    Blessings 

Jan 31st     Message​    Jesus Prays, John 17    

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