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Messages from Pastor Walker & Others
2020 Messages & Devotionals

     December 2020

Message​, Dec 6, Jesus Clears the Temple Courts, John 2 13-22

Message, Dec 13,  Nicodemus Visits Jesus at Night, John 3 1-21

Message​, Dec 20,  A Christmas Carol, Luke 16

Message​, Dec 27,  Message

     November 2020

Message, Nov 1, How is Your Faith?

Message​​, Nov 8,  "The Word - "Jesus is_____"  John 1

Message​​, Nov 11,  John the Baptist, John 1: 19-34

Devotional, Nov 11,  Time to Give an AccountDeut, 32:47 & Luke 12

Devotional, Nov 21, A Coup Has Been Tried Before, 1 King

Message​​​​​, Nov 22, Discipleship, John 1:35-51

Message​, Nov 29, The WeddingJohn 2:1-12

     October 2020

Message, Oct 4, Is Free Money the Solution to Poverty?

Message​, Oct 11, Message on Anger

Message, Oct 18, Message

Message​, Oct 25, Message on Immigration

     September 2020


Devotional by Pastor Walker, Sep 2, Are We Really Serious About Ending Slavery?
Message, Sep 6,The Corruption of America's Education System

Devotional by Pastor Walker, Sep 3, John the Baptist's Parents
Message, Sep 13, America Financial Collapse

Devotional by Pastor Walker, Sep 5, BLM Misuse of Luke 15 Parable
Devotional by Pastor Walker, Sep 15, Constitution Requires Gold and Silver Currency!!!!!
Message by Everett Triger, Sep 20
Message by Pastor Walker, Sep 22, 2 Chron 7:14 in the Life of Manasseh


     August 2020


Message, Aug 2, The Bill of Rights: Religious Persecution

Devotional by Pastor Walker, Aug 3, 1 John 1

Devotional by Pastor Walker, Aug 5, ​1 John 2:1-17

Devotional by Pastor Walker, Aug 7

Message, Aug 9, 1st Amendment: Free Speech, Press. Assembly

Devotional by Pastor Walker, Aug 10, ​1 John 3:1-10

Devotional by Pastor Walker, Aug 14, ​1 John 3:11-24

Devotional by Pastor Walker, Aug 14, The Lord Teaches us Obedience

Message​, Aug 16, Ezekiel 16

Devotional by Pastor Walker, Aug 20, ​1 John 4:1-11

Devotional by Pastor Walker, Aug 21, 1 John 4:12-21

Devotional by Pastor Walker, Aug 21, Kamala Harris and the Upcoming Election

Message, Aug 23, Zechariah 3

Devotional by Pastor Walker, Aug 24, 1 John 5

Devotional by Pastor Walker, Aug 25, President Trump Calls Pastor John McArthur

Message, Aug 30, Sanctification- Growth in Holiness

Devotional by Pastor Walker, Aug 30, Persecution of Churches in CA 

Devotional by Pastor Walker, Aug 31, OT Basis for Tithing

     July 2020​​​​

Devotional by Pastor Walker, July 1, Don't Waste Your Life​ 


Message, July 5, The Problem with Government

Message​, July 12, The Purpose of Government

Message, July 19, ​The Constitution

Devotional by Pastor Walker, July 21, Take Time for REST, Part 1

Devotional by Pastor Walker, July 22, Take Time for REST, Part 2

Devotional by Pastor Walker, July 23, The Prosperity Gospel

Message, July 26, The Bill of Rights - Religious Freedom

     June 2020 Messages

Message, June 7, Pastors, Preaching and Politics

Devotional by Pastor Walker, Jun 9, We Must Embrace A Wartime Mentality Satan's Tactics and the call to stand firm, Isa:9 

Devotional by Pastor Walker, Jun 10, Growth in the Home & the Difference between Murder/Killing

Message​, June 14, How to Solve America’s Race Problem

Devotional by Carolyn Puleio, Jun 18, Ruth - Choices and Consequence

Devotional by Pastor Walker, Jun 20, The Truth about Racism

Devotional by Pastor Walker, Jun 20, Scriptural Guidance for Our Country's Problems, 1 Peter 2:1-23

Message, June 21, Inspiration from a Giant Killer

Devotional by Pastor Walker, Jun 21, Reformation: The Power of Scripture , Exodus 34

Devotional by Pastor Walker, Jun 21, Psalm 33

Devotional by Pastor Walker, Jun 21, Taming the Tongue, James 3

Message, June 28, 2020, Lawlessnes

Devotional by Pastor Walker, Jun 29, God Calls, Fills and Empowers

       May 2020 Messages

Message, May 3, Is God Warning the US of a Worse Future Judgment if We Don't Repent, Amos

Message​, May 10, Rebekah

Devotional by Pastor Walker, May 13, Can God Protect Christians from the Corona Virus


Devotional by Pastor Walker, May 13, The Threat of Biological Terrorism

Devotional by Pastor Walker, May 13, The Underlying Cause of COVID-19

Message, ​May 17, What is My Purpose? I will be With You

Devotional from Brenda Wendell, May 20, Faith to Overcome FearMark 6:45-52

Devotional by Pastor Walker, May 21, Satan Always Tries to Kill Christians

Devotional by Pastor Walker, May 22, God Sets up Situations to Grow Our Faith

Message​, May 24, If God is Loving, Why the Virus?Exodus 12

Devotional by Pastor Walker, May 28, What is the Truth? Corona Virus, John 17:17

2021 Messages

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